Magazine Love Sound Installation

In February 2017, I took part in a site-specific art residency facilitated by Alma Mather and hosted at the occupied military base- turned- permaculture urban farm in the Cape Town city bowl. The group compromised of a mix of internationals and South Africans, working on a very loose and autonomous structure, exploring the farm, using found objects and stories and people.

The space we were in had a host of objects, spaces, buildings and people that were the perfect resource to draw out stories and re-create the past through a contemporary eye.  After much soul-searching and experiencing the pressures of producing some form of expression in just one week, a last minute collaboration was executed between myself and fellow resident Jeanne Gaigher.

Our installation was called Magazine Love, named after the building it was acted out, recorded, produced and exhibited in. Jeanne had spent part of the week collecting audio stories and as we were figuring out what could work, one of the residents of the farm wandered in and proceeded to tell us the most amazing and sad tale that became the backbone of this installation.

The recorded audio was cut in samples, along with recordings of an airpiano played live in the space, a mobile phone music app, as well as two samples from the NASA archive (for the heartbeat and the wave). This was the plotted out on a board with markers and sequenced/ performed live through a PA and recorded on a mobile phone as an mp3. This soundscape was then looped and played within the Magazine building with the score sheet we had created to produce the piece as the solitary visual element of the installation

Here is just the audio as recorded in that dusty spooky hallway in the late hours of the night huddled around our equipment