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Born out of a desire to create an independent media stream for Durban’s music denizens, Subkulture was created to provide the steady platform for Durban’s music, art and culture to be shared with the rest of the South African Community.

subk keyring edSubkulture was a digital magazine (CD-based Flash application) that emerged from the within the music/art/photography/sharing culture of Durban. In the time that it existed (2006/7), this was an innovative approach to sharing media that experienced much resistance. The reluctance of people within the Durban community(and South Africa,at large) to merge with the emergent technologies (and associated culture), meant an uphill battle to create a strong base for the Subkulture crew, and eventually, after two years and two versions/formats, the project was laid to rest.

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I joined the Subkulture team after the inner architecture and first editions had been compiled and completed. Sensing, even in these early days  the potential for the Cd-zine design to become a perfect ‘memetic-machine’, the idea of COPYING ENCOURAGED meant further memetic success.

My initial tasks with the team included content management and delivery. Eventually, I found myself more involved in content, and eventually was editor of the mag through it’s final chapters.


Subkulture embodied two formats. The first octave was distributed through out South Africa as a free Cd-zine. The second evolution was our attempt to charge a minimal amount to cover our production costs. This second format was hosted in a hard cover and cost R20.

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 The Control Room:

A fully navigable zone, where content (articles, videos, tutorials and reviews) could be accessed.

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find the SubKulture sticker in this art piece

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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