Mobile Communication Unit

The major component for the CascoLand08 project was the Mobile Communication Unit. A ‘media pimp-my-car’, this project would take an ordinary car and convert it into a communication station (using existing and emergent technologies).

The main functions of the MCU were

Document : a Film Crew used the car as a studio, we added an inverter to be able to charge batteries and phones

Digitize : Footage was converted and digitized while the studio was mobile between events and venue locations

Distribute : using the social media tools available at the time, we created blogs and posted content using a 3G card

Broadcast : The MCU had a special modification, allowing it to project out of the boot of the car. The MCU could also be used by several people to connect through the Internet, a ‘mobile WiFi hotspot’

Angus Joseph

Durban based engineer working for independent media, provides content for mobile media and has arranged creative collectives like the Durban Musicians Collective and the Circle Centre Collective. He is involved in arranging the media dome tent for the UN Habitat Youth and safer Cities Conference in Durban in June 2008. As Cascoland’s viral engineer he is involved in gps positioning for the content of the Cascoland broadcast car. He did a brandless campaign for 3.25, whereby he was branding a non existing product in Joburg.angus’ projekt for casc08 was the mobile office. devised as a mobile solution to information gathering, archiving and broadcasting, it involved ‘pimping’ an old car, converting it in2 a mobile cinema, video capturing booth and internet hotspot. practical, time and budget restraints meant the internet connectivity aspect was reduced, converted into a mobile video editing and capture suite.

working with blackstorm productions, an independant Durban based collective of filmmakers and documentors, the mobile office became a video editing space, where footage was captured and edited while on the move. using an inverter and special cabling, we were able to run a projector, laptop and charge a mobile phone while the car was moving. when stationed at the Warwick & Dala Nodes, power was supplied via the mains and extension cords. movies were screened, including Rize, The Present, Gifting It and blackstorms’ Sins.

the project as a whole was challenging within the mandate of the Casco Experience, and was produced according to the Casco ethic of basic form ruling with function. it is a design that is removable, interchangeable with relevantly aged models of the same manufacturer, and can be adapted to perform at least one function in almost all circumstances.

Potential Sustainability is beginning to reveal itself already. the Durban Youth in Film Society has approached us with the aim of employing the vehicle as a means of addressing safety and locality, hosting video screenings and calls for submission to a new cutting edge film competition. Imagine Durban officers were also present at the Cascoland Parade, on that wettest of wet Saturdays, and expressed interest in both the mobile office and Tam yung’s Mobile Wishing Booth. we hope that through these interaction and many more, we can continue to explore this new mobility idea, the sense that we can move peoples perceptions through the power of community, caring, movies and music.


cascocasco3mcu design sketchmcu4 mcu layout

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Further Technologies

The rest of my involvement with Cascoland was limited by the reluctance of the visiting artists to engage and work with emergent technologies, their argument being that the technology was in conflict with the ‘artist’. the project ideas we had included linking venues across Durban with an ‘inter-active’ screen/ booths, as well as one of the first projects in Durban to use QR (at that point called SEMA codes) to direct mobile phones to content


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