325 was a ‘brandless branding’ exercise, designed to learn about how information travels, what formats it is accepted in, and to push the boundaries of accepted ‘advertising’ by using subversive often illegal creative pursuits

The campaign was a lens-changing experience, and certainly showed that whats predicted on the paper/board-room, and whats accepted on the streets, are often very different

Here is some of the artwork we used, plus some scans of my planning and strategy for execution325 bambi 325 design 325 event 325 flux 325 fries family 325 minimal 325 origami 325 random 325 random2 325 static 325 whos army streetzine streetzine2100_0104 100_0115  100_0015100_0084 100_0017 100_0032  100_0060 100_0081 100_0116100_0050


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