The JungleHouse Spaces are ‘temporary autonomous hubs‘, using space to connect people and create circumstances for unified and clarified visioning to occur, with the aim of producing meaningful actions, campaigns, media and meetings.

JungleHouse Spaces have been installed across two continents during ‘key-convergence’ events connected to the Global Governance ‘circus’. At each conference or summit, the JungleHouse sought to become the network hub and safe+open space, where direct-action campaigners could rest, eat, meet, connect and co-create.

we’re all characters, though sometimes
we don’t know what is our part
we can all be writers
in the book of stories of our brothers
its not about knowing exactly
what to write on its pages,
its about giving UR heart..
.. like the book of the Jungle House!!
                                Paulatina M



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