Gr0w ur 0wn

Everything is connected, no narrative is without, all stories are within.

hoje2 hoje1

On the day (pictures above) that the JungleHouse2.0 closed, i was involved in a street occupation/manifestation in Barra, Rio DJ. One point that came up, was ‘what do we do now that the junglehouse is no more?’. The conceptual vision for a virtual tutorial was born, emerging as the Growyourown.junglehouse blog.

From this, the ‘Gr0wY0ur0wn’ series of blogs was created as a means of creating longevity and succession in individual projects. They are meant to share from within the immersion – lessons, experiences, techniques and technologies that allow users to adopt, adapt and continue each individual project.


This is now evolved into the restoration of the global artivist network, and the resurrection of the JungleHouse framework and method, all projected by the ArtSpace we ran in Bonn for COP24


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