Future Planning

Future Planning become a theme wrapped into my personal narrative halfway through the ‘Venus Period‘.

My initial engagements with the ImagineDurban team was documenting a Safer Cities public meeting that connected directly to the upcoming jUNe project focused on Youth+Safer Cities, a CCC project.

imajin future city

IMGA0618 IMGA0622 IMGA0637 IMGA0642 IMGA0660 IMGA0681 IMGA0690 IMGA0692 IMGA0721 IMGA0758 IMGA0773 IMGA0782

The Imagine Durban Project also intersected with the musicians collective DC, and as part of the engagement process, I became a representative or ‘dreamkeeper’ for the ‘Culture/Heritage’ sector.

Documentation Here:



future city planning press http://crcresearch.org/research-tools/archive/youth-engagement-city-planning

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