Coastal Coalition

As part of the CTZN dissemination (a creative partnership to link the cities of Durban and CapeTown along the coast), the Coastal Coalition was the brainchild of several years of embedded immersive research into not only the coastline of south Africa, but several communities along the coast.

The Coastal Coalition sought to bring a strategic partnership between musicians and backpackers, each community supporting the other along the coastline


The vision of the Coastal Coalition is to form a coastal-centered network along the Southern African coastline (with
some tolerance) that supports, nurtures and grows the music and visual arts scene, creating the
circumstances for a fresh cultural identity, unique to this region, to be developed.


To create the network of musicians and venues, provide web platforms, tools and connectivity,
establish a performance circuit that will grow and nurture the coastal regions’ music and visual
arts scene.

coastal coalition

From our blog,

“an independent initiative of the CTZN collective, the team seeks to harness a new sound from Southern Africa by inducing a community along the coastline. It is believed that if we link and network the places, people and spaces along the coast in a music circuit, energy can travel through this circuit. we envision musicians touring the circuit, collaborating and re-imagining sounds, helping to foster what we call the Nu Sound”


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