As part of the immersive learning experience, i have lived with, and worked with many communities along the coast of South Africa. I was on a quest, a quest to see what value really meant, while investigating each community. I wanted to see what makes a community. Breaks a community. What heightens connectivity and increases receptivity.

The communities are connected like organs in a body. From the start-up suburb organic farm in Stellenbosch, to the Baviaanskloof (U-Theory inspired) PRESENCE Learning Village, a small community on the edge of the Kouga Dam Wall, to the paradise forest of the hostel WSL, each step has again shown how all stories are ONE.

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The communities are also more conceptual, or at least invisible until you start to see them. The Hostel/backpacker community is one that extends along the coast. The musician community is one that travels between spaces and places, connecting the organs and moving things along the circuit.

And in these days of immediate communication, we have the online communities that emerge and appear.

coastal coalition music tour network

Permaculture/transition town community/ group




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