During the COP17 conference, our desire was to create a massive creative/activist support network in Durban ready to interface with the expected artivist community. This input didn’t arrive with the force we anticipated, and the beginnings of a collective began to form as a response. The DurbanKnights collective was a mix of people from many creative industries. Key musicians, venues, artists and media people blended with young activists and those that answered  the call met and created teams and direct-action-support teams.

The disposable collective centered around the JungleMansion, met and worked at The Collective (an art gallery), and worked with the OccupyCOP17 ground team.

The DurbanKnights blog was created as a response to many people asking me about what the upcoming conference was  all about and how they could get involved. Authorship was shared with an admin team, and a twitter account was added as a feed.


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