The Durban Collective

Original Intent

Early Meetings


The DC is a membership based support and information dissemination administrative body.
It’s power to enhance Musicians abilities to support themselves lies in the support it in turn receives through its membership base. The DC operates on transparency, honesty and a love for Local Original Live Music. It’s primary aim is to, through co-operation and encouragement, foster and build new and existing relationships to a level of technical and professional proficiency that will create and build a respectful and sustainable audience for the Music. The Music comes First.

First Projects and Productions



Several actualities arose out of these interactions, an online magazine, several performances and concerts and the documents contained in this blog. Both the constitution and the Working Document were creatednot only as a solution but also as a template for other regions,creative fields or cultures to learn from this experience and grow




dc bigsheet dc bigsheet2 dc bigsheet3

DC and The City of Durban

dc city2 dc city3 dc city4 dc city

The Eventual DC steering Committee


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