Find here documentation of the works of the CCC within the context of the jUNe conference. The Durban based youth/creative collective (and jUNe project) dovetailed with the DC collective and their efforts


This project is also known as the SafeHouse and was essentially the very first JungleHouse project. The GreenDome project was the main installation of the CCC, however it was never executed, and the Safehouse was developed as the alternative to achieve our initial objectives.

The GreenDome

The CCC gathered around the idea of producing a space for promoting the ‘wellbeing’ meme as a solution with respect to the discussions being held at the United Nations youth + Safer Cities Summit (YO City Summit). This conference was held in Durban june 2008, which lead to us calling the project jUNe (putting the UN into June).domeabtract

The CCC’s main project was the conceptualization, contextualization and production of a physical space that was meant to be hosted on site at the Yo city Summit. The space we designed for was a geodesic dome that lived within the summit, with many functions and creative outputs.

jUNe08 random

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The dome space was eventually blocked for many reasons, and eventually, the CCC formed a partnership with several international organisations to produce an alternate space (off-site). This was our attempt to still maintain our initial objectives and create the space for people to meet and connect on real levels.

The jUNe Conference

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The Safer Cities Summit was held at the I.C.C. in June 2008. The CCC represented Durban youth, and maintained a blog during the conference, using a team of journalism students from D.U.T. (Durban university of Technology), also known as TeamD.



june abstract june life check response

The SafeHouse and Nettwerk event

During the week of the summit, the CCC, along with technical support from the DC, occupied the KwaSuka Theatre, turning it into a ‘SafeHouse’ for the delegates. The SafeHouse was our attempt to meet the informational and social objectives of the ‘Green Dome’.

During the week, we held two parallel events, echoed by the official events hosted by the Summit organisers.

jUNeevent jUNeevent2

These events became the ‘real youth conference’, where delegates from around the world got to hang out, meet local Durbanites, listen to music, network and really connect. Thought the space did not have the kinds of installations and media products we had planned, it did create and hold the space for very real connections to be made, and networks/ collaborations to form.

yo city baobab

The day after the Summit, we hosted the Baobab Connections (one of our key partners) team in a  day/night event we called Nettwerk. Baobab Connection team members was given a realistic tour of the city (two tour groups were formed, one being sent to the muti market in Warwick triangle, the second to the Art Gallery [and into a protest march/meeting]). The teams then converged in the Midlands for lunch, then elected to visit a community project in the area, before being taken back to their hotels.

june8.jpg9The event closed off with our final event at the SafeHouse, a presentation of spoken word, dance, music and talks. The venue was converted into a play area, with a labyrinth, Wish Tree (made from recycled goods), and many special treats and mementos/ memories taken away.

Check out the blog we set up at the time here:


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