CTZN Network

Over the last ten years my creative team, living in seperate cities, was trying to find ways to maintain our connectivity and colaboration alive. We dreamt of our cities of Durban and Cape Town as twinned creative hubs, feeding each other and nurturing fantastic new forms and expressions. The road between these South African coastal towns (N2) became the bridge,and soon i was travelling this route,seeking out alternative solutions, creatives and communities.


Today,this network now includes hostels, retreats, sustainable communities,permaculture farms and training centers,homes and conservancy spaces that lie along the coast of South Africa, forming a living bridge between these cities.

As part of this network’s construction, i travelled and stayed at various communities,homes, research stations and conservancy areas, immersing myself in the lifestyles and cultures of each place. In total, i have probably travelled between Cape Town and Durban more than 15 times, an estimated 25000kms,covered since 2008.

This network was envisioned to facilitate cultural exchange and create a living network of spaces that connect and conduct the values and ethics of the CiTiZeN HeadSpace.


The blogsite for this network is in the middle stages of construction,and should be available for beta viewing soon. Please check back here for updates



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