CiTiZeN HandBook

The CiTiZeN HandBook is a collaborative art project where i get people to write draw or doodle something into special ‘HandBooks’. The HandBook has, of course, a Hand on the cover, and most people tend to place their hands on the cover and make the CiTiZeN declaration before making their mark. There are 3 HandBooks in total (“If you can’t tell a story in one book, and you can’t tell the story in three…then what story are you telling”) Each HandBook is a connection point, the book is less mine and more others peoples’ book, that i carry.  In the space of five years, hundreds of people from across the Earth have made their commitment to maintaining and perpetuating the ‘CiTiZeN HeadSpace’ by filling the pages with quotes, dedications, drawings and maps. This makes the world a better place, more citizens becoming crew rather than passengers on Spaceship Earth. The books are evidence of their commitment, and mobile art in themselves.


This project demonstrates that love,bonds and expression/creativity are ubiquitous components of commonality.

Click the link below to explore some of the entries into the CiTiZeN HandBook series.


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