CiTiZeN HeadspaceShip Project

“Declare  Your Self to be a Citizen of The Earth”

The CiTiZeN HeadSpace Project is based on a simple idea:

If everyone made the CitiZeN declaration, then the world would be in a state such that, many of the problems we face now, will not exist. Simply put,this means we wont have to find solutions for them.

world peas

The Citizen HeadSpace project is exactly this, a framework for people to engage the world with, a world with no imaginary boundaries or borders, a world where we recognize our mutual connection, responsibility and accountability to each other as citizens of SpaceShip Earth.

This does not at all imply that we let go of our individual characteristics, our cultural heritages, languages or practices. Rather, it is acknowledging our communal duties as custodians of the Earth for future generations.


Principles of CitiZeN


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